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Crafting System


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~How does it work?~

Crafting in Black Desert Online greatly differs from other games; Usually Players have to find a recipe, traverse the world on a quest for the appropriate materials and finally visit a district in a Town to make use of their equipment in order to craft; In certain other games, the crafting professions are limited or come with various prerequisites such as class-type dependency.

As far as Black Desert Online is being concerned, there’s no form of limitation applying to the Player nor any kind of dependency such as class or skill.  This stems from the fact that it is not the Player who is actually doing the crafting, rather the role of the Player revolves around collecting the different materials and submitting them to an NPC that will proceed to creating the much desired items. To add to this rather unusual system, the Player can make use of hired workforce (NPC) to aid them in the gathering process.


The process of gathering the materials can be rather elaborate due to it demanding the manual gathering of rocks, plants, trees and others; Hiring workers allows the Player to hasten the process of gathering and enables them to process these materials by the combined forces of extra hired workers and housing infrastructure.


As stated above, unlike other Games, Black Desert doesn’t require a recipe; if you want to craft an item, you need to buy a house. Houses can be converted to function as workshops, to this extent a different kind of workshop (house) allows the Player to craft a different range of items.



~Is it easy?~

Crafting in Black Desert Online is in general a lengthy procedure. The primary resources required from the Player are “contribution points”, silver (ingame currency) and time, lots of it, because when you assign workers a task such as gathering, processing and crafting you have to wait for the worker to complete the job. This is contrary to other games where you are just a button away from knowing whether or not your attempt in crafting has failed or succeeded. To summarize; crafting requires a great degree of preparation in the form of setting up your workshop, hire & train workers, gather materials and be patient.

Workers have stats and tiers; Workers of higher level and higher tier work faster and will subsequently have a  higher chance of crafting an epic item (a piece of armor similar to the original one but with extra stats), but do cost more.

The more effort and time you invest into the crafting system, the greater the chance of acquiring epic items.


~Is it of importance?~

If a Player is solely interested in obtaining the best available armor and weapon, they don’t necessarily need to focus on crafting such complex items, they are far better off crafting (consumable) items that can be sold and as such gather the money and buy the top items directly. Despite that, crafting is of strategic importance to Guilds because it allows them to craft siege weapons such as canons, or fences to defend their territory. Moreover, the whole crafting system serves as a great tool of money making by gathering resources, trade them and crafting different items. The more contribution points you have, the more nodes and houses you can have and thus make money faster.

For more details of how the crafting system works, feel free to visit the guides sections which will tell you how to find the materials you need and how to process them.

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