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Knowledge Mangement & Knowledge Gathering

Knowledge Mangement & Knowled knowledge energy

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~What is Knowledge?~

Knowledge is the information you learn while traveling and interacting with NPCs or monsters in the world of Black Desert. You can view your knowledge at any time by pressing “ESC” to go to the Menu, then “Knowledge”. Alternatively, you can press “H” to open the interface directly.




There are several different types of knowledge you can learn:

  • Character
  • Topography
  • Ecology
  • Adventure Journal
  • Academics
  • Life Skill
  • Learning the ropes of Black Desert



Character knowledge is learning about the different NPCs in the world. Each is categorized into areas or specific managers. Learning about each NPC in a catagory will increase your maximum energy by 1 – 4. To learn about them you simply need to talk to the NPC.


When you first speak to an NPC you may be required to gain knowledge of other NPCs in the same area before being able to use Story Exchange or talk to them at all.


You can see in the screenshot below that I am unable to enter Story Exchange with the stable keeper “Partus”. To unlock this I must first gain knowledge of his interests. We are told that his interests are “Keplan Adventure Journal (Required Knowledge: 0/4)”. This means that I need to learn by talking to 4 other NPCs in the area, so that I have conversation topics to speak to him about.


In this screenshot below, you can see that I am not able to talk to the NPC at all until I speak to another NPC first. When you close the window, the NPC you have been told to talk to first, will be indicated on your world map. Simply speak to the NPC to gain knowledge of them, then go back to the original NPC you want to talk to.




Topography is your knowledge about the map. As you travel through the world you will discover new areas and in turn reveal parts of your in-game map. Topography is split into regions of the map with subcategories as well. Obtaining knowledge of each subcatagory will increase your maximum energy by 2 – 4.




Ecology is the knowledge of the monsters in Black Desert. When you first come into contact with a monster you will not have any knowledge of it and the health bar will not appear to go down. Instead you will see a color change going from yellow to red, to indicate the monsters health. When you gain knowledge of the monster, the health bar will go down normally. Each category in this section will increase your maximum energy by 2 – 5.




As you talk to NPCs, you will gain more knowledge to add to your Adventure Journal. In the screenshot below you can see how to talk to an NPC to gain knowledge from them. Each category in this section will increase your maximum energy by 3 – 7.





Academics knowledge is mostly learned by reading books. These will teach you about one of the following categories: History, Economy, Politics, Sophistication I, Theology, Alchemy, Sophistication II. Each category in this section will increase your maximum energy by 2.




Life Skills knowledge is learned from your professions. Currently, “Fishing” is the only category in this section and will not reward you with energy for gaining knowledge of all fish types. You can also view all the fish you have learned about in your Fish Guide (ESC > Fish Guide).




Learning the ropes of Black Desert knowledge is learned from following tutorials at the beginning of the game. Currently, “Production and Crafting” is the only category in this section and will not reward you with energy for gaining knowledge of all of them.





When you gain knowledge of something, you will randomly be given a rank (C, B, A, A+, S). If you have a higher rank of knowledge for a certain monster, you will be able to kill them easier and will also have higher drop rates.


You can reset certain knowledge in an attempt to gain a higher rank, to do this, go to an NPC called “Annalisa” in the Calpheon library. Her location is shown on the map below. Talk to her and select “Knowledge Management”, then choose which knowledge you would like to reset, and click “Delete Knowledge”.


It does take up energy to reset your knowledge rank and you may not get a higher rank than before you reset it. I would only recommend resetting the knowledge of monsters you grind often.


<Annalisa NPC location – Calpheon Library>




Learning new knowledge will increase your total amount of energy. Your energy will automatically regenerate over time (1 energy every 3 minutes). Completing quests may restore energy as part of a reward. You can also sleep in a bed in your home to regenerate energy faster.


You can see your current and total energy in the top-left corner of your screen.


Energy is used for many interactions in-game, such as:


  • Greeting NPCs
  • Stealing from NPCs
  • NPC Tutorials
  • Story Exchange
  • Node Investment
  • Gathering
  • Crafting
  • Speaking in World Chat
  • Hiring Worker Contracts

You can also store/convert spare energy into energy potions to use at a later date or sell on the Auction House. Simply talk to the Alchemist NPC “Alustin” in Velia Town (location shown on the map below) to convert energy to energy potions.



<Alustin NPC location – Velia Town>


Energy potions do not share a cool-down with the energy tonic.


Energy exchange rates

  • Energy 100 -> Energy Potion (10 Energy)
  • Energy 200 -> Energy Potion (20 Energy)
  • Energy 300 -> Energy Potion (30 Energy)
  • Energy 400 -> Energy Potion (50 Energy



<Energy Potion +10>


Source: http://blackdesertfoundry.com/

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